Our Services

Imperial Testing and Engineering, Inc.

Overview of the Services We Provide

Environmental Services

Anybody in the environmental services industry knows there is one aspect of the industry that has to be mastered for success. This aspect is the ability to effectively deal with regulatory agencies on a continual basis. Consultants must be able to determine times and situations of passiveness and aggression with these agencies.
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Engineering/Permitting Services

The engineering services performed at Imperial are extensive and go hand in hand with the permitting process. Our engineering services are focused on the details required to properly assess, evaluate and resolve issues required by our diverse clientele.
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Geotechnical Services

There are many challenges to investigating and resolving subsurface issues especially in adverse areas such as Central Florida. The soils in the area are diverse and complicated, primarily by reworking of the land from former and current phosphate mining activities.
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Drilling Services

Unlike most companies our people are involved in all aspects of any project. Imperial has a registered principle that is a water well contractor. This allows Imperial to submit and receive well permits in house and without subcontractors.
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Materials Testing Services

Imperial is a Construction Material’s Engineering Council, Inc. (CMEC) certified laboratory for material’s testing. Our material’s testing division assures that the contractor or construction company completes the project in accordance with the specifications using the material’s specified in the plans.
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Construction Services

Imperial offers a wide range of construction services using in-house personnel. Our construction crews have completed projects from a geotechnical and environmental engineering standpoint.
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