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Imperial Testing and Engineering, Inc.

Drilling Services

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Unlike most companies, in-house personnel are involved in all aspects of any project.

Imperial has a registered principle that is a water well contractor. This allows Imperial to submit and receive well permits in house and without subcontractors.

Our staff completes and documents all drilling in-house. Our own technicians are trained to identify and log the various soil types that are encountered throughout Florida. Our drill crew reports to the office on a continual basis throughout any project since the best action for any issue is a quick reaction.

Imperial has three drill rigs that drill only for our projects and our interests. Expect our trucks, our personnel and our expertise to show up on every project.

The following is a sample of the drilling services we render:

  • Standard Penetration Testing
  • Monitor Well Placement
  • Soil Boring Testing
  • Multi-phase Extraction Wells Installation
  • Soil Collection with Shelby Tube
  • Hand Auger Installation
  • Helical Pier Installation
  • Grout Pier Installation
  • Piezometers
  • Methane Recovery Wells
  • Injection Wells
  • Shallow Irrigation Wells
  • Grout Points and Injection
  • Well Abandonment
  • Permeability Well Installation
  • Dewatering Well Installation