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There are many challenges to investigating and resolving subsurface issues especially in adverse areas such as Central Florida.

The soils in the area are diverse and complicated, primarily by reworking of the land from former and current phosphate mining activities. Sinkholes can also change the landscape as evidenced by the many lakes in Central Florida. These areas provide a new meaning to the phrase “heterogeneous” and consulting in these type of areas can be challenging.

A determination of the land characteristics must first be admonished and then a resolution must be considered based on natural and modified conditions. We believe that consultants in these areas have an advantage given the many different soil conditions that are present.

Imperial has been assisting our clients to build on these properties for many years from detached garages to multiple story high rise buildings. Expect that Imperial will look at every angle and option for any given project. From building on helical piers to building on structural foam you will find that Imperial will provide the most sound and cost effective solution to any project.

The following is a sample of the geotechnical services rendered by Imperial:

  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Subsoil Investigation
  • Foundation Recommendation
  • Sinkhole Investigation
  • Ground Penetrating Radar Measurements
  • Bearing Capacity Determinations
  • Shallow Foundation Evaluation
  • Deep Foundation Evaluation
  • Investigation and Remediation of Distressed Foundations
  • Unique Foundations based on Subsoil Conditions:
    1. Helical Pier Foundations
    2. Second Story Addition over existing building
    3. Structural Foam Soil Displacement
    4. Groundwater Extraction/Soil Consolidation
    5. Geofabric/Retaining Wall Applications